Date published: 2024 May 04

[Character free acquisition] Raditz vs uncle with combat power 5 event summary

Editor: Master Roshi

April Fool! ! Just when I thought about it, the new event ``Raditz vs. Uncle with Combat Power 5'' is actually being held!

This event is full of energy! "Uncle with Combat Power 5" also appears on the banners and icons of Dragon Ball Legends Official X. He is treated like a main character.

Event “Raditz vs Uncle with Combat Power 5”

Yahoo! A fragile nation!

A warrior race has arrived on Earth! ? Still, there are people on earth!
April 1st…adds up to “5”! Yes, it's him! !

You won't want to miss this bizarre development where you can't predict what will happen even a second later! !
Legendary entertainment between Aniki (Raditz) and Uncle (Farmer)!

Are you a warrior race? Or an uncle?
--The event story of ``Military Tribes vs. the Most Evil Farmers in History'' is also interesting, so I highly recommend you check it out.

Event limited SP Raditz

Possesses a special attack against “Tag: Son Family” or “Tag: Regeneration”! When you enter the field, each time a battle member other than yourself has a specific tag or episode, effects such as increasing your own damage by 1% (cannot be erased) will be activated!

As you progress through events filled with newly written stories, you will be able to obtain the Z-Power of Raditz, the proud Saiyan who is the strongest warrior race in the entire universe.

Raid Boss "Uncle with Combat Power 5"

The special character for the raid battle is SP Raditz (DBL-EVT-5S), which can be obtained from the event "Raditz vs Uncle with Combat Power 81", and a character with the tag "Frieza Army".

Exchange straw hats at the exchange

If you get a "straw hat" from an event story or raid battle, you can exchange it for limited sleeves, limited costumes, etc. of the old man at the exchange office.

Exchange period 2024/04/01 15:00 ~ 2024/04/27 15:00

Straw hat replacement lineup

Z power [Raditz] x 100 Straw hat x 20
Upper limit: 100 time
Costume [Farmer's clothes] Straw hat x 30
Upper limit: 1 time
Costume [straw hat] Straw hat x 30
Upper limit: 1 time
Sleeve [Uncle with Combat Power 5] Straw hat x 50
Upper limit: 1 time
Message: "What's going on!? What's going on now...!" Straw hat x 80
Upper limit: 1 time
Message: "Wow...!! What's going on?!" Straw hat x 80
Upper limit: 1 time
Message “Wow!!” Straw hat x 80
Upper limit: 1 time
seed conversion medal Straw hat x 100
Upper limit: 15 time
Arts Core +1 (grade 1 or higher/less than 30) Straw hat x 50
Upper limit: 30 time
Arts Core +1 (grade 30 or higher/less than 70) Straw hat x 50
Upper limit: 30 time
Arts Core +1 (grade 70 or higher/less than 99) Straw hat x 50
Upper limit: 30 time
Feel free to ask questions of beginners, requests to the site, chatting to kill time.Anonymous is also welcome! !

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