Date published: 2019 May 08

It was too late! ? Training content super renewal

Editor: Master Roshi

There is no level limit for each class, you can upgrade up to 3,000 levels at once without having to upgrade, and bonus battles and "Ola and Ichicho Domekka!" have been renewed, and the rewards have been adjusted well. It was

However, some say that this renewal is too late...


Recommended tag organization!Strongest Party Ranking / Dragon Ball Legends

The order is access order / DAY. The leader frame was implemented on 2021/11.One character selected as a leader can be set freely, and under the conditions, it is not tied to the Z ability.Click the link below for details.Compatibility

[Legends] Tag character Android No. 17 & No. 18 No. 1! UL Kaiohken is second!Strongest character & PvP usage rate ranking [Dragon Ball Legends]

[2022/05/13] Updated with official information "6th Golden Duel TOP20 Characters". ULTRA Super Saiyan God SS Kaiohken Son Goku, ULTRA Gogeta, SP Son Goku & Vegeta are overtaken, and the 1st place is a tag character

[One day left until the 4th anniversary] Finally, the 1th anniversary of Legends will start tomorrow ...! Information on the 4th anniversary will be lifted [4/22/05]

hello. We will inform you about the latest information on "Dragon Ball Legends" on Friday, May 2022, 05 at 27:13. [One day left until the 00th anniversary] Finally, the 4th anniversary of Legends will start tomorrow ...! Live delivery, which will be the 1th anniversary of the information ban, will also be released from 4:4 AM!Let's get excited for the 11th anniversary! # Legends # Dragon Ball # Dragon Ball Legends 00th Anniversary ...

Broadcast just before the 4th anniversary from 28:11 am on the 15th!The maintenance is over at XNUMX:XNUMX!

Live delivery just before the 4th anniversary will start tomorrow at 2022:5 on May 28, 11.Maintenance is from 11:15 to 4:15, so the XNUMXth anniversary may start at XNUMX:XNUMX.The URL of the broadcast YouTube is below.

Feel free to ask questions of beginners, requests to the site, chatting to kill time.Anonymous is also welcome! !

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  • Awaken and equip the fragment
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  • Bonjour je m'appelle Victor Arban jouer dragon ball legend c ...
  • It's nothing compared to ultra characters. Ultra Kaiou Fist Erase! !!