Date published: 2022 May 05

6th Anniversary Dragon Ball Exploration QR Code Exchange (Ideyo Shenron) Bulletin Board & Friend Recruitment

Editor: Master Roshi

This is a bulletin board dedicated to the 6th anniversary events "Shinryu Mission" and "LEGENDS FRIENDS".The number of posts exceeded 5.thank you.Feel free to use it.Click here for beginner question version. You can obtain 1000 Chrono Crystals, 1000 from exploration items and 2000 from Shenron's Wish.

The 6th anniversary too... Come on, Shenron! ! 2024/05/25 15:00(UTC+9) ~ 2024/07/17 15:00(UTC+9)

Dragon Ball Search (Shinryu)

  • You can explore Dragon Ball by reading your friend's QR code.
  • The issued code is valid for 60 minutes.
  • You need a "friend code" to become a friend.
  • The friend code can be copied from Menu → Friends → Search screen
  • You can now read images saved on your device with the 4th anniversary update
read by image Scan the friend's code image saved in advance.
read by camera Use your camera to read your friend's code directly.

↑ Easy-to-understand role model post.It will be smoother if you can exchange whether the friend registration is completed. *The issued code is valid for 12 hours.

*The code can only be read up to three times a day.
*You can only read codes from the same friend once a day.

Acquired items (6rd anniversary update)

There is also a completion reward for the 6th anniversary. Please note that Dragon Balls cannot be collected just by exploring. Details below.

Item name Quantity Number of acquisitions
* Complete reward
Multi-Z Power100 [SPARKING】
1 individual 1 times
XNUMX-star ball, XNUMX-star ball, XNUMX-star ball, XNUMX-star ball Each one Each 1 times
Chrono Crystals 100 10 times
Soul conversion medal 1 3 times
peace conversion medal 2 3 times
SPARKINGMedal 1 individual 5 times
Multi-Z Power100 1 individual 1 times
Multi-Z Power30 1 individual 5 times
EN tank +10 2 individual 5 times
Skip ticket 50 individual 5 times
Slot remover 1 individual 10 times

where to get dragon ball

XNUMX-star ball, XNUMX-star ball, XNUMX-star ball, XNUMX-star ball Dragon ball exploration
two-star ball, four-star ball, seven-star ball thank you! 6th anniversary!Anniversary Special Mission Reward

Collect XNUMX "Dragon Balls" and summon Shenron!You can check the "Dragon Ball" obtained with the code on the "Dragon Ball Search" screen!Let's go find the missing "Dragon Ball"! *When you summon Shenron, the "Dragon Ball" display disappears on the screen, but you can display AR Shenron again by pressing the "Memories with Shenron" button. *The number of "Dragon Balls" that you have acquired before will be reset at the time of this event.

Let Shenron grant your wish!

Shenron will grant you one wish!See with your own eyes what kind of wishes you can grant! You can even take a photo with Shenron on the AR screen!Post your memories of exploring Dragon Ball on SNS! *If you cannot save the photos you have taken, please check the storage capacity of your device.

If you collect Dragon Balls and make your wishes come true, you can also get [6th Anniversary (Logo) Super Vegito & Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta]. ※※Sleeve [6th Anniversary (Logo) Super Vegito & Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta] can be obtained no matter which wish you choose.

Feel free to ask questions of beginners, requests to the site, chatting to kill time.Anonymous is also welcome! !

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