Date published: 2020 May 07

7 AprilGRNSon Goku with Super SaiyanYELImplemented by Turless!

Editor: Master Roshi

Super Saiyan Son Goku for maintenance on July 7th from 29:11 to 15:XNUMXGRNAnd turlesYELWill be implemented in LEGENDS RISING THE CRUSHR.

["Super Saiyan Son Goku" participation decision !!]
It is the first character to have a hit card with a physical strength recovery effect on his card!
Also, since the special damage will be increased when using the normal hitting arts, you can strengthen your special move with your own hit, and use the special attack "Ryuken" to hit the enemy!
I also have a regeneration special attack!

["Turles" participation decision !!] When special arts are activated, increase your own arts card draw speed & give the enemy the effect of extending the standby count when hit!Also, when the ultimate technique is activated, the damage done by yourself is increased by 70%, the damage taken is cut by 20%, and KI RESTORE is increased by 70%!Overwhelm your enemies with explosive permanent enhancements!

Feel free to ask questions of beginners, requests to the site, chatting to kill time.Anonymous is also welcome! !

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