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Ver2 update: tips for beginners

Editor: Master Roshi

Son Goku Super Kamehameha

I will add / edit what I found * Modified / updated according to version 2

Enter the dragon code

Enter the dragon code summarized on the following page and receive the item.


Develop all attributes in good balance

First of all, I want to train one attribute each. There are uses for each of super, Z, and strong, so let's develop them widely. When I was just startingSon Goku: SSGSS"When"Vegeta: SSGSSIt will be no problem just by In order to lap or play for a long time, you will also need a rare Z and a strong character with low cost.

Force attribute Strong in technique and weak in speed
Skill attribute Fast and weak
Speed ​​attribute Strong in strength and weak in technique

It is strong if you form a formation with a high sortie AP!

At the beginning, the player level goes up, so there is almost no need to save AP. So if you have a Z character on hand, incorporate it as much as possible to make the battle more advantageous. If AP is insufficient, adjust with a strong character. Up to around player level 80, there is no problem with AP.

Prioritize the training of strong low-sort APs

* Due to the change in specifications, there was no problem in the early days even with high AP formation.

A sortie AP (cost) is set for each character. The average is the lowest, and the Z and Super are high sortie APs. Therefore, to collect pieces and training items, or to circulate, the sortie AP is low, and it is recommended to use strength or Z that can be trained to a certain level of strength. If you can't win, throw a super and adjust.

At the beginning, I think there are many cases where the AP is full due to level up and full recovery. If you get a mission reward etc. when the tank is full, you can automatically move to the present so you can stock it.

Immediate AP recovery of reward when AP is full

Let's train at the top

The status is strengthened by stacking the same characters. In addition, the rarity "super" will be enhanced, and the special moves and skills will be strengthened. It is easy to stack Z at events and so on, so let's foster it.

See details of the top break (convex)

Awaken the character

By awakening the character, each parameter will increase and the number of souls that can be equipped will also increase. Up to Z, it's relatively easy to wake up, but you need to clear special quests many times for super awakening items.

See details of Awakening/Ultimate Awakening

Get soul

You can get Seoul at events and in exchange for Tenkaichi Budokai. Souls can be strengthened by equipping them with items like equipment. Let's collect little by little and strengthen the character.

Match Seoul link groups

When the soul and the character's link group match, the link ability is activated and the character becomes stronger.


Rush and earn damage

Crossing (clicking on a friend) while an ally is smashing will cause a crosslash and increase damage.

Cut off the attack

If you are in a disadvantageous situation during a smash, or if you are likely to be hit and suffer great damage, you can interrupt your actions by clicking on a waiting companion.

Cultivation and cultivation man training for AP saving

Special moves are hard to avoid if used when the opponent has little energy.

In battles with a high degree of difficulty, even if you use a special move with the enemy's energy gauge, it is often avoided. It is easy to hit if you use a special move after the opponent has accumulated your energy gauge. Also, if you use a special move against an opponent with bad attribute compatibility, it is easy to avoid.

Friends with low HP wait and recover

When HP becomes low, HP is gradually recovered by keeping it in a standby state. HP recovery rate varies from character to character.

Unleash Super Special Moves

Some characters have super-deadly moves, and you can unlock them with the special move PT in Seoul. To gain the Special Move PT, the link group must match and the link ability must be activated. The following is the change in the special move of high speed attribute Piccolo. "Super Furious Magic Mouth Cannon" changes to "Makanuki Kousou Cannon" to gain defense neglect and range effect. Its Special Moves pt increases as the rarity of Seoul increases.

Special Moves: Super Furious Magic Mouth Cannon Deal damage to one opponent.
Super Special Move: Manuki Hikari Ignore the damage reduction of defense and deal damage to all opponents except the copy Release PT:10


Join Keepers (Team)

Team participation is essential for completing Shinryu missions and beginner missions, so be sure to belong to a team somewhere.

Be sure to share the share capsule

There are no disadvantages, so be sure to open the share capsule and share it.

Recover AP with daily missions

AP is required to play the game. It will recover naturally, but by completing daily missions, you can recover AP to the extent that you can digest events and special quests. After clearing, don't forget to pick it up every day.

Participate in Super Tenkaichi Budokai

By participating in the Super Tenkaichi Budokai, you can win the Tenkaichi medal, and you can also get super characters and super souls for free. It is also a condition for daily missions, so be sure to participate every day even if you do not win.

Super Tenkaichi Budokai Summary and Win

Official X Keepers Course

The official tutorial by the management, a video summary of the Crosskeepers course from the following link

X Keepers course video summary 1st-6th

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