Date published: 2021 May 11

Legends / ["14th Tournament of Power" held! ] From this time, the upper limit and initial value of TP have been raised!Furthermore, Bato [21/11/10]

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Hello. We will inform you about the latest information on "Dragon Ball Legends" on Wednesday, September 2021, 11 at 10:15.["14th Tournament of Power" will be held! ] From this time, the upper limit and initial value of TP will be raised!In addition, the loading time during battle has been increased and the amount of increase in the Special Move gauge has been adjusted!It's a 7-day special season for the next update!TP will be delivered to the present box, so take this opportunity to challenge the Tournament of Power! #Legends #Dragon Ball

4th anniversary recommended tag organization!Strongest Party Ranking / Dragon Ball Legends

The ranking is in order of the number of accesses / day. "Leader frame" was implemented on 2021/11.One character selected as the first leader can be set freely, and under the conditions, it is not tied to the Z ability.Is the details linked below?

[Legends] Selfish secret Son Goku 1st place!Strongest character & PvP usage rate ranking [Dragon Ball Legends]

[2022/06/09] Updated with official information "78th Super Space-Time Duel TOP20 Characters".At the first appearance, LEGENDS LIMITED selfish secret Son Goku won the 1st place!In the target PvP holding period and Gasha implementation date

UL Kaiouken & LL Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku! reroll recommended!Ranking per strongest character

This page is a collection of characters recommended for beginners in the Gasha [Latest: Ultimate Holy War LEGENDS ANNIVERSARY STEP UP (6/15)] currently being held.Overall character evaluation and ranki

Feel free to ask questions of beginners, requests to the site, chatting to kill time.Anonymous is also welcome! !

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Character evaluation (during recruitment)

  • If you're lucky, I'm not charged.
  • If you save Yunige, it's the strongest! !!The ultimate is the firepower that will definitely die with one body!Let's do our best to save Yunige! !!
  • The recovery is so strong that even Raswan can do it at all.
  • Looking at avoidance in Goku, the deadly move is too strong w If it meshes, it will cause great damage, even if it can be avoided, this is a bani recovery too much www
  • The performance of Special Move ArtsHEROGrass below
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