Events being held Drop items and attributes of enemy formation Dragon Ball Z Crosskeepers

*On the end date, the event will end at the same time as maintenance (a lot of 13:XNUMX). * Modify so that the drop formation of the miscellaneous fish stage also appears.

Event stage being held

Events Character normal ハ ー ド Very hard Enemy formation End date

Past events

Events N H VH (I.e. Finish
Use your supernatural powers [User of Supernatural Powers]-[Alien]-Awakening Dogi-Protector-Scouter [Attack of pursuer]-[User of psychic powers]-[Alien]-Awakening domination-Awakening domination-Strong [Brilliant Aide Warrior]-[User of Supernatural Powers]-[Alien]-[Ginyu Special Sentai]-Awakening Dogi [Skill] Guld May 10
Freeza army's strongest warrior [Ginyu special squadron]-[Alien]-Awakening shoes-Protector-Scouter [Brilliant Aide Warrior]-[Ginyu Special Sentai]-[Alien]-Awakening Shoes-Awakening Shoes-Strong [Fair spirit owner]-[[Power] Son Goku: Kaioken]-[Friesa army]-[Ginyu special squadron]-Awakening shoes [Speed] Guinyu [Technique] Guld May 10
A warrior who inherits the will [One-Point Focused Special Moves]-[Cool judgment]-Awakening Dogi-Protector-Scouter [Ultimate power by assimilation]-[Angry's onslaught]-[Cool judgment]-Awakening dojo/Awakening dojo/Strong [[Technology] Kuririn] ・[Ultimate power by assimilation] ・[Angry's onslaught] ・[Z warrior] ・Awakening dojo [Skill] Piccolo, [Skill] Krillin, [Fast] Son Gohan: Childhood May 10
Final form of violence [Beginning of the special squadron]-[Transformation type]-Awakening Dogi-Protector-Scouter [530000 Fighting Power]-[[Speed] Guinea]-[Transformation Type]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong [Final Nightmare Evolution]-[530000 Fighting Power]-[[Fast] Guinyu]-[Friesa Clan]-Awakening Dojo [Technology] Frieza: Final Form, [Speed] Guinea, [Power] Zerbon, [Power] Dodria May 10
Humanity's last hope...? [Champion of Hope], [Disciple], Awakening Shoes, Protector, Scouter, Special Training Ticket [Kame House] [Sudden Skill]-[Champion of Hope]-[Disciple]-Awakening Shoes-Awakening Shoes-Strong-Protector-Scouter-Special Training Ticket [Karin Tower] [Light Awakening Fist]-[Sudden Masters]-Satan's Champion Belt-Copper-[Earth]-Awakening Shoes-Awakening Shoes-Strong-Protectors-Scouters-Special Training Tickets-God's Temple [Skill] Mr. Satan May 11
Beautiful android [Red Ribbon Army]-[Permanent Type]-Awakening Weight-Ryoe Stick-Protector-Special Training Ticket [Kame House] [Producer] · [Red Ribbon Army] · [Permanent Type] · Awakening Weight · Awakening Weight · Strength · Ruyi Stick · Protector · Special Training Ticket [Karin Tower] [[Speed] Android 18] [Cold Battle Game] [Red Ribbon Army] [Permanent Type] Awakening Weight/Awakening Weight/Strength/Ruiyaku/Protector/Special Training Ticket [God's Temple] ] [Speed] Android #18 [Technology] Android #17 May 11
A super weapon that loves nature [Red Ribbon Army]-[Permanent Type]-Awakening Weight-Ryoe Stick-Protector-Special Training Ticket [Kame House] [Stable Control]-[Red Ribbon Army]-[Permanent Type]-Awakening Weight-Awakening Weight-Strength, Ruyi Stick, Protector, Special Training Ticket [Karin Tower] [Quiet Android]-[Stable control]-[Red ribbon army]-[Permanent type]-Awakening weight-Awakening weight-Strong-Protector-Ryui stick-Special training ticket [God's Temple] [Speed] Android 16/[Skill] Android 17/[Speed] Android 18 May 11
Fateful day [Military]-[Permanent type]-Awakening Dogi-Protector-Scouter-Special Training Ticket [Kame House] [Cold Battle Game]-[Achievement of Training]-[Battleful]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong-Protector Scouter-Special Training Ticket [Karin Tower] [Completely arrived]-[Let's enjoy leisurely]-[Cold smile]-[Permanent type]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong, Protector, Scouter, Special Training Ticket [God's Temple] ] [Technology] Cell: Complete May 11
Manipulated by the Mage [Relentless Violence] [Maichu] [Awakening Shoes] Protectors [Scouters] Special Training Ticket [Turtle House] [Execution of orders]-[Relentless violence]-[Maijutsukai]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong-Protectors-Scouters-Special training tickets [Karin Tower] [The Namek Alien, whose true name has been forgotten] · [Execution of orders] · [Relentless violence] · [Maijutsuku] · Awakening shoes · Awakening shoes · Strength · Protector · Scouter · [God's] temple] Spopovich Yamu May 11
Justice Shinigami is here! [Second Generation]-[Super Saiyan]-Awakening Dogi, Ruyote, Protector, Special Training Ticket [Kame House] [Sorry for too much momentum]-[Second generation]-[Super Saiyan]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong, Ruyi Stick, Protector, Special Training Ticket [Karin Tower] [Mixed Warrior of Hope]-[Sorry for too much]-[Second Generation]-[Super Saiyan]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dojo-Strength, Ruyi Stick, Protector-[God's Temple] [Technology] Gotenks: Super Saiyan [Technology] Piccolo May 11
Boil up! Ultimate power [Z Warrior] · [Saiyan] · Awakening Shoes · Ruyi Stick · Protector · Special Training Ticket [Kame House] [Battle of the strongest warrior]-[Z warrior]-[Saiyan]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong, Ruyi stick, protector, Special ticket [Karin Tower] [Liberated power]-[Battle of the strongest warrior]-[Z warrior]-[Saiyan]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong-Protectors-Ryui stick-[Temple of God] [Speed] Ultimate Son Gohan, [Technology] Gotenks: Super Saiyan, [Technology] Piccolo, [Speed] Tianjin May 11
Pure evil [Military]-[Majin]-Awakening Dogi-Protector-Scouter-Special Training Ticket [Turtle House] [Original figure of a demon]-[Military]-[Majin]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong-Protector-Scouter-Special Training Ticket [Karin Tower] [[Power] Majin Buu: Pure] ・[Magician's original appearance] ・[Seal and evil] ・[Majin] ・Awakening Dogi ・Awakening Dogi ・Strength ・Protector ・Scouter ・[God's] temple] [Power] Majin Buu: Pure May 11
Son Goku is getting smaller [Chibiko Warrior] · Time Key: Age 760s A · Awakening Dogi · Ruyi Stick · Shintoun · [Karin Tower] [Reduced body]-[Chibiko warrior]-Time key: Age 760's A. Awakening mood-Awakening mood-Strong, Ruyi stick, Myozu cloud, [Karin tower] [To the adventure galaxy]-[Small body]-[Chibikko warrior]-Time key: Age 760s A-Time key: Age 750s A-Awakening Dojo-Awakening Dogi-Strong-Ryui Stick, Shintoun, [Temple of God] [Skill] Son Goku: GT May 7
The protagonist of the galaxy is me! [Heroine] · [Male Victory] · Awakening Shoes · Ruyi Stick · Protector · Special Training Ticket [Kame House] [Gem that exceeds the champion]-[Champion's daughter]-[Male win]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strength, Ruyi stick, protector, Special training ticket [Karin Tower] [To Dokidoki's Adventure]-[Extra Champion]-[Champion's Daughter]-[Men's Victory]-Awakening Shoes-Awakening Shoes-Strength-Protectors-Ryui Stick-[God's Temple] [Speed] Bread: GT May 7
In search of the ultimate dragon ball [Innocence]-[Saiyan]-Awakening Outfit-Protector-Scouter-Special Training Ticket [Kame House] [Challenge to Tenkaichi]-[Innocence]-[Saiyan]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong-Protector-Scouter-Special Training Ticket [Karin Tower] [Short hair is more like Gohan-kun?]-[To the Adventure Galaxy]-[Innocence]-[Saiyan]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong Protector-Scouter-[God's Temple] ] [Skill] Son Goku: GT, [Power] Trunks: Adolescents, [Fast] Pan: GT May 7
Prince of the Proud Fighting Race [Attack of pursuer]-[Genius]-Awakening Dogi-Protector-Scouter [Fireworks scattered in the sky]-[Attack of pursuit]-[Genius]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong-Protector-Scouter [Super Elite of Ambition]-[Fireworks scattered in the sky]-[Friesa Army]-[Genius]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong-Special Training Ticket [Turtle House]-Protector Scouter [Skill] Vegeta May 8
Beautiful aides [Raging Aide Warrior] [Friesa Army] Awakening Weight [Raiding by power]-[Raging aide warrior]-[Friesa army]-Awakening weight-Awakening weight-Strength [Revealed true figure]-[Raid of brute force]-[Friesa army]-[Alien]-Awakening weight-Awakening weight-Strength-Special training ticket [turtle house]-Muscle cloud-Ryui stick [Power] Zabong/[Power] Dodria May 8
With a little hope [Person who wants martial arts]-[Karin tower]-Awakening shoes-Muscle cloud-Protector [Excellent control]-[Angry's onslaught]-[Earthling]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong-Muscle cloud-Protector [Excellent control]-[Angry's onslaught]-[Who are you!? You]-[Earth]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong-Special training ticket [turtle house]-Muscle cloud-Protector [Technology] Kuririn, [Speed] Piccolo, [Speed] Son Gohan: Childhood, [Technology] Vegeta May 8
Emperor of the Universe [Attack of pursuit]-[Raging aide warrior]-Awakening weight-Ryui stick-Protector [Elevator of the Universe]-[Brilliant Aide Warrior]-[Friesa Army]-Awakening Weight-Awakening Weight-Strength, Ruyi Stick, Protector [[Power] Frieza: First Form]-[Space Landlord]-[Brilliant Aide Warrior]-[Friesa Army]-Awakening Weight-Awakening Weight-Strength-Special Training Ticket [Kame House]-Ryue Stick-Protector [Force] Frieza, [Force] Zarbon, [Force] Dodria May 8
Revenge Mad Technology [Revenge on Son Goku]-[Android]-Awakening Shoes-Protector-Scouter [Producer of devil]-[Submissive servant]-[Android]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong-Protectors-Scouters [Creator of devil]-[Stable control]-[Absorption type]-[Android]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong-Special training ticket [Karin Tower]-Protector-Scouter [Speed] Doctor Gero May 8
Devil from the future [One-Point Focused Special Moves]-[Taiyoken]-Awakening Shoes-Muscle Cloud-Ryoyoku [Challenge of abandonment]-[One-point focused special move]-[Use of Taikyu]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong [Mixed demons]-[Challenge of throwing away]-[One-point concentrated special move]-[Taiyoken]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong-Special training ticket [Karin Tower]-Muscle Cloud-Ryouyaku Stick [Fast] Cell: First form May 8
Sword against despair [Saiyan], [Second Generation], Awakening Weight, Ruyi Stick, Protector [Boy from the future]-[Hunting onslaught]-[Saiyan]-Awakening weight-Awakening weight-Strength, Ruyi stick, Protector [I came to kill you...]-[The boy from the future]-[It's been so long since I exercised]-[Saiyan]-Awakening weight-Awakening weight-Strong-Special training ticket [God] Temple], Ruyi Stick, Protector [Power] Trunks: Adolescents, [Tech] Vegeta, [Tech] Piccolo, [Tech] Tianjin May 8
Inexhaustible super power [Warrior]-[Permanent type]-Awakening Dogi-Protector-Scouter [Cold Fighting Game]-[Achievement of Training]-[Warward]-Awakening Dogi-Awakening Dogi-Strong-Protector-Scouter [[Technology] Android No. 17] ・[Super Power beyond imagination] ・[Achievement of training] ・[Permanent type] ・Awakening Dogi ・Awakening Dogi ・Strength ・Special Training Ticket [God's Temple]・Protector scouter [Skill] Android No. 17 [Power] Android No. 19 [Speed] Doctor Gero May 8
Heroine of justice [Champion of Hope]-[Tenkaichi Budokai]-Awakening Shoes-Protector-Scouter [Champion's Daughter]-[Champion of Hope]-[Tenkaichi Budokai]-Awakening Shoes-Awakening Shoes-Strong-Protectors-Scouters Scouters [Gem beyond the champion]-[Champion's daughter]-[Champion of hope]-[Tenkaichi Budokai]-Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong-[Karin Tower]-Protector [Speed] Videl, [Technology] Mr. Satan May 8
Great Saiyan Man Sortie! [Champion's Daughter], [Hero], Awakening Weight, Myozumo, Ruyi Stick [One-Point Focused Special Moves]-[Champion's Daughter]-[Hero]-Awakening Weight-Awakening Weight-Strength [[Power] Great Saiyan Man] [[Perfect Disguise] • [Champion's Daughter] • [Hero] • Weight of Awakening • Weight of Awakening • Strength • Special Training Ticket [Karin Tower] [Power] Great Saiyanman [Speed] Videl May 8
King of the King King [God], [Visitor], Awakening Weight, Ruyi Stick, Protector [Mysterious Existence]-[God]-[Visitors]-Awakening Weight-Awakening Weight-Strength, Ruyi Stick, Protector [You have a good soul as rumored.........]-[People who oversee the king]-[Kai-yo-kai-okai-kai...Kai!]-[Visitors]-Awakening weight・Weight of awakening ・Strength ・[God's Temple] ・Ryoyaku Stick ・Protector [Speed] King of the World, [Power] Great Saiyan Man, [Tech] Piccolo, [Power] Vegeta: Super Saiyan May 8
Resurrection demon [Sudden Skill]-[Regeneration Ability]-Awakening Weight-Protector-Scouter [Innocent demon]-[Sudden skill]-[Reproduction ability]-Awakening weight-Awakening weight-Strong-Protector-Scouter [Sealed Evil]-[Innocent Devil]-[Champion of Hope]-[Regeneration Capability]-Awakening Weight-Awakening Weight-Strong-[Temple of God]-Protector Scouter [Power] Majin Buu: Good [Technology] Mr. Satan May 8
Chaotic space-time [Alien]-[1st time] Time key: Age 760s B. Awakening shoes-Scouter-Protector-[Karin Tower] [Fair spirit owner]-[Alien]-[1st time] Time key: Age 760's B. Awakening shoes-Awakening shoes-Strong-Scouter protector-[Karin Tower] [Vivid death sentence]-[Relentless violence]-[Stable control]-[1st time] Time key: Age 760's B ・[1st time] Time key: Age ??? age A. Awakening Shoes, Awakening Shoes, Strength, Scouters, Protectors [Temple of God] [Power] Recombe [Power] Piccolo Great Demon King: Old, [Power] Popovich, [Power] Android No. 19 May 12
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