Event Story Flow / Dialogue Summary Dragon Ball Z Cross Skirt

Summarize the storyline and lines of the event for a limited time. The order is newest, but the table of contents is reversed.

  1. Use the supernatural powers of the enemies to crush planets! Super Saiyan VS Emperor of the Universe Stage 1
  2. Frieza Army's Strongest Warrior Planet Tremor! Super Saiyan VS Space Emperor Stage 2
  3. Inheritance of Warrior Planet Seisha! Super Saiyan VS Space Emperor Stage 3
  4. Violent Final Form Planetary Tremor! Super Saiyan VS Space Emperor Stage 4
  5. Humanity's Last Hope...? Terrifying Cell Game Stage 1
  6. Beautiful Android Frightening Cell Game Stage 2
  7. Super Weapon that Loves Nature Frightening Cell Game Stage 3
  8. Fateful Day Fearful Cell Game Stage 4
  9. The man who was manipulated by a magician destroyed the earth! Nightmare Retrograde Transformation Stage 1
  10. The Shinigami of Justice has visited! The destruction of the earth! Nightmare Retrograde Transformation Stage 2
  11. Boil up! The ultimate power The destruction of the earth! Nightmare Retrograde Transformation Stage 3
  12. A pure wicked destruction of the earth! Nightmare Retrograde Transformation Stage 4
  13. Son Goku Time Machine Quest Exploration Stage
  14. The protagonist of the galaxy is me! Blooms brilliantly! The heroine in the galaxy stage 1
  15. The proud prince of the fighting race Namec Star Crisis! The Tyrant Advent of the Universe Stage 1
  16. Beautiful Aide Warrior Namek's Crisis of Stars! Space Tyrant Advent Stage 2
  17. Crisis of the Namek star over a slight hope! The tyrant of the universe Advent Stage 3
  18. Space Emperor Namek Star Crisis! Space Tyrant Advent Stage 4
  19. Mad Technology of Revenge Technology of the Devil! Threat Android Stage 1
  20. Devil from the future Devil's technology! Threat Android Stage 2
  21. Sword against despair Devil's technology! Threatening Android Stage 3
  22. Inexhaustible super power Devil's technology! Threatening Android Stage 4
  23. The heroine of justice Emergency dispatch! Hero of Justice and Harapec Majin Stage 1
  24. Great Saiyan Man sortie! Emergency dispatch! Hero of Justice and Harapec Majin Stage 2
  25. Trial of the King's Arms Emergency dispatch! Hero of Justice and Harapec Majin Stage 3
  26. Resurrection Majin Emergency dispatch! Hero of Justice and Harapec Majin Stage 4

Resurrection demon

(Urgent dispatch! Hero of Justice and Harapec Majin Stage 4)

Majin Buu: Good "Boooooooo!!"
Bloomers "What the hell is that! That pink one is!!"
Majin Buu: Good "I'm hungry! I'm crazy!"
Bloomers "Kya!! A little bit! Stop!"
Bloomers "I managed to squeeze it into the gate... I thought I was dead."
King of kings "Nah, what a crap... something outrageous has happened...!"
King of Kings "No, but I turned back often! It was a great battle!"
Kaio "But I don't know when such a horrible thing will come again..."
Keio "It's good to keep your friends strong"

-[Power] Majin Buu: Win the battle with goodness-

King of the King King

(Urgent dispatch! Hero of Justice and Harapec Majin Stage 3)

Bloomers "The gate should have opened... There is no one, I wonder if I'm back?"
Bloomers "Ah?"
Sakaio God "Hello YOU ​​It is human beings of this world."
Bloomers: "Who are you! Maybe from the gate...?"
King of Gods "Actually, we've heard rumors about you"
Kaiogami "I thought that I would like to try to arrange it once."

-[Speed] Win the battle with the King of the World-

King of the Gods "This was a wonderful power beyond my imagination."
Bloomers "What the hell are you... who are you..."
King of Gods "I am the King of Kings"
King of the World King "You will be fighting an enormous monster after this."
King of Gods "But if you have this ability, you might be able to beat that monster."
King of Kings "Hie...!! A... that boy... King of God...!?"
Kaio "This will be ridiculous!"
Kai Ou: "Collect cross memories to strengthen your strength in the meantime!"

Great Saiyan Man Sortie!

(Urgent dispatch! Hero of Justice and Harapec Majin Stage 2)

Bloomers "Ah? It looks like there is someone, hey!"
Great Saiyan Man "I!? Bloomers!"
Bulma "I've heard of you...Is it someone you know?"
Great Saiyan Man "No... No... That... I am."
Great Saiyan Man "Evil is an alliance of justice that is unforgivable! Great Saiyan Man!!!!"
Bloomers "Haha...?"

-[Power] Victory in battle with Great Saiyan-

Bloomers "How strong are you...? And a voice I've heard somewhere..."
Great Saiyan Man "Come on! What are you doing! Hahahaha!!"
King of kings: "It was a strange guy... not a bad guy."
King of the world "Mumu! I feel somewhere... I feel strange!"
King King "It seems that somebody is approaching..."

Heroine of justice

(Urgent dispatch! Hero of Justice and Harapec Majin Stage 1)

Bloomers "Something... It's noisy."
Bidel "Come on!"
Bloomers "What? What?!"
Bidel "You are a fellow of the guys you just mentioned!? Grab quietly!!"

-[Speed] Win the battle with Videl-

Bidel "I'm sorry! It was a mistake..."
Bloomers: "Okay, suddenly if I come to a world I don't know, I'll be impatient!"
Bloomers "Let's find a return gate together"
Kaio "Isn't that bad?"
Kaio "But this time, I think you've been connected to the future world..."
Kai: "Unexpected things may happen. I'll keep tightening."

Inexhaustible super power

(Satanic Technology! Threatening Android Stage 4)

Bloomers "It looks like a big gate has opened..."
Bloomers "I wonder what came out... let's go."

-[Technology] Win the battle with Android No. 17-

Android No. 17 "It's a wonderful power... I can't believe I can do it this far."
Bulma "Still stand still...? What's this..."
Android No. 17 "Unfortunately we have another purpose"
Android No. 17 "But I'll let you do it when I meet you"
King of the world "Mummu... The big threat seems to have disappeared for the time being."
Kaio "But I don't know when more wonders will appear next time!"
Kai Ou: "Collect cross memories in the meantime and become stronger!!"

Sword against despair

(Satanic Technology! Threatening Android Stage 3)

Bloomers "Isn't it around here when the gate opened?"
Bloomers "I can't find it... Ah?"
Bloomers "Hey, you're over there!...Ah?...Is there anywhere you met?"
Trunks "Ah... I... no... no..."
Bloomers "Is that right? Do you not know the gate that opened around here?"
Trunks "If there is a gate, there is one that I have just come out."

-[Power] Trunks: Win the battle with adolescents-

Bloomers "What are you so strong..."
Trunks "Do...you really do... rumor was true."
Trunks "Please rest assured, I'll return to the original world immediately if I happen to be here."
Kaio "It was a strange encounter!"
Kaio "But don't let yourself down here, there's a sign that scary people like the other day are approaching..."
Kaio "I'll keep tightening myself."

Devil from the future

(Satanic Technology! Threatening Android Stage 2)

Bulma "There are no people in this town...?"
Bloomers "Something bad is happening..."
Cell: First form "Who still lived?"
Bloomers "What is this... not a monster!"
Cell: First form "Fufufu... I want you to be a gentle part of my power."

-[Fast] Cell: Win the battle with the first form-

Sel: First form "Stupid...!? Even though I'm not perfect... So far..."
Bloomers "Is it a perfect body!? That there is still a top!?"
Cell: First form "Kukku...! Still, I can still be strong."
Cell: First form "And be sure to be perfect and use your ultimate power!!!"
Bloomers "Ah! I've escaped... It's been a big deal..."
King of kings "What the hell... ridiculous things have appeared..."
Kaio "I can't do this!
King of the world "I have to be strong enough to beat that!"
Kai Ou: Collect cross memories as quickly as possible to increase your friends...!

Revenge Mad Technology

(Satanic Technology! Threatening Android Stage 1)

Bulma "Mommy, out of town... let's find a gate soon."
Bloomers "Oh? Something smells like burning..."
Bloomers "I've seen it somewhere... Well, let's beat it!"

-[Speed] Win the battle with Dr. Gero-

Dr. Gero "Oh...Ore..."
Dr. Gero "Remember... No. 17 and 18 are coming to kill you now!!"
Bloomers “Nos. 17 and 18...? What do you mean?”
Bloomers "Isn't those guys still coming?"
Kaio "Mummmu... I have a bad feeling."
Kai: "There may still be enemies lurking around. Keep an eye on this area for a while."

Emperor of the Universe

(Namek Star Crisis! Space Tyrant Advent Stage 4)

Frieza "Ah, it's different from Namek Alien. Which star is it?"
Bloomers "What is this... different atmosphere..."
Frieza "Well, no problem everywhere"
Frieza "However, if it interferes with my purpose, I have to erase it."

-[Power] Win the battle against Frieza-

Frieza "Lower-class creatures...!! Where are you hiding?"
Freeza "Did the gate open..."
Frieza "There's no choice... let's rebuild our posture"
Bloomers "I wonder if I...?"
Bloomers "It was nice to open it at just the right time... Thank you to the gate for now"

With a little hope

(Namek Star Crisis! Space Tyrant Advent Stage 3)

Bloomers "Chahhhh!!! Who are you!!"
Bloomers "No way Frieza's friends..."
Bloomers "Eh? Isn't it wrong? No, please say it soon."
Bloomers "Yes! I've been separated from Kuririn and Gohan!"
Bloomers "It's okay to find one of them! Isn't one of the poor stars in the world that young girls don't know? Let's search together!"

-[Technology] Win the battle against Krillin-

Kuririn "Isn't it Buruma! Why are you here..."
Bloomers "Why not! I was wondering if I would die!"
Bloomers "And I think if I'm allowed to leave a girl alone in such a dangerous place!?"
Krillin "Hahaha... This is more dangerous, though."

Beautiful aides

(Namek Star Crisis! Space Tyrant Advent Stage 2)

Bloomers: "It's a pretty wide star... Is it faster to split the hands?"
Bloomers "Oh? Something flies..."
Zarbon "I'm not a Namek alien... Alien?"
Zarbon "In any case, if we are not the Frieza army, we need to clean up."
Bloomers "To...?"

-[Power] Victory in battle with Zarbon-

Bloomers "I don't want to stay too long...I'll send back the bad guys and go home to the earth soon!"

Prince of the Proud Fighting Race

(Namek Star Crisis! Space Tyrant Advent Stage 1)

Bloomers "I've been suddenly told that I should go to another star... but it's not my world."
Vegeta "Are you a human in this world?"
Bloomers “What?!!?
Vegeta "I've been looking for a dragon ball and something, but I'm just bored. Let's play."

-[Technology] Win the battle against Vegeta-

Vegeta "It's been a terrible match for me."
Bulma "What the hell is this...!? You still have a nice face!?"
Vegeta "Remember well, trash... next time I'll make you a man!"
Bloomers: "What the hell...I don't you say I have all this stuff...?"

The protagonist of the galaxy is me!

(Bloomingly blooming! Heroine Stage 1 in the galaxy)

Bloomers "I've come near the gate, but nobody..."
Pan: GT "A little over there!"
Bloomers "Where did the voice come from?"
Bread: GT "Good Shot"
Bread: GT "Hey!!!"
Bloomers "Nana yoko koneko!?"
Pan: GT "I had something I wanted to ask..."
Pan: GT "You guys look strong, can you help me once?"

-[Speed] Pan: Win the battle with GT-

Pan: GT "If you look closely, you're not Bloomers-san... Did you look a little younger?"
Bloomers: "Are you happy?"
Bloomers "I don't know, but you seem to know me."
Kaio "What a powerful girl!"
Kaio "But this girl isn't the only one who has a damn reaction"

Son Goku is getting smaller

(Time Machine Quest Search Stage)

Trunks "It looks like you can get a key here... let's do our best."

-[Technology] Son Goku: Win the battle with GT-

Son Goku: GT "Oh! You're Trunks! What are you doing?"
Trunks "Maybe Goku-san!? Why do you look like that..."
Son Goku: GT "Hehehe~ There are a lot of different things"
Son Goku: GT "Well... why did you go through the gate? It's dangerous."
Son Goku: GT "Ora, I'm looking for something right now, so I'm lost
Son Goku: GT "I'll come home without worrying about it"
Trunks "That's all right... Let's go for our purpose soon."

Pure evil

(Death of the Earth! Nightmare Retrograde Transformation Stage 4)

Majin Buu: Pure "Hah..."
Bloomers "What the hell... what's going on..."
Majin Buu: Pure "Ughagayaoo!!!"
Bloomers: "Gee! Hey! I'll stop that soon!!!"

-[Power] Majin Buu: Win the battle with pureness-

Majin Buu: Pure "Gi..."
Bloomers "I wonder if it was tapped...?"
Bulma “Good, I’m glad I don’t want to see you again...”
King of the world "Kikitama---!!!"
Kaio "Well, I'm really impressed with that thing!!! I was moved!!"
Kaio "No, I thought it wouldn't be true, but... he really did it..."
Keio "I hope that we will continue to strengthen our friends and work hard."

Boil up! Ultimate power

(Death of the Earth! Nightmare Retrograde Transformation Stage 3)

Bulma "Where is it here~!! Someone Tasket~!!"

-[Speed] Win the battle with Ultimate Gohan-

Bulma "I was so surprised... I was surprised because the gate suddenly opened."
Bloomers "This is... it's a lot of correct answers from the past."
Bloomers: "Okay, if you wait around here, the gate will open again soon."
Bloomers "Please keep my escort until then!"
Kaio "I thought it was something"
Kaio "I'm really surprised that my daughter from another world is mixed in."
King "!!!"
Kaio "Ah something intense is heading here..."
Kai Ou "Koshicha Ren!! Collect good morning cross memories to strengthen your character!!"

Justice Shinigami is here!

(Death of the Earth! Nightmare Retrograde Transformation Stage 2)

Gotenks: Super Saiyan "Hoohoo!!! Hugh Hugh!!"
Bloomers "Nana, what is that girl...!?"
Bloomers "Isn't that the girl who just came out of the gate?"
Gotenks: Super Saiyan “Wow guys, where are you!!!”
Bloomers "Hey, wait a minute!! Wait, wait a minute!!!"

-[Technology] Gotenks: Win the battle with Super Saiyan-

Bulma "It's not dangerous at all... suddenly!"
Gotenks: Super Saiyan "Suge!! Chotsue!!"
Gotenks: Super Saiyan "Let's do it again!!!!"
Bloomers "Listen to others!!"
Kaio "Well, it's noisy..."
Kaio "No, but I'm glad it wasn't bad"
King of kings "What should I do if that strength is bad..."
Kaio "But I can't be alert. I'm feeling stronger towards this than these guys."
Kaio "Tighten up"

Manipulated by the Mage

(Death of the Earth! Nightmare Retrograde Transformation Stage 1)

Spopovic "Guaahhhh!!!"
Bloomers "What the hell is it!! Is it a human...?"
Spopovic "Nuhihihi..."
Bloomers "Hiiii!! I haven't found it!!"

-Win the battle with Popovich-

Bloomers "Is this a paragraph?..."
Bloomers "I think there's something really outrageous like the King of Kings..."
Bloomers "You should be vigilant from here."
Kaio "Umu... It seems that some bad things are mixed..."
Kaio "As my daughter says, you need to be vigilant from here."
Keio "It's good to prepare your strength as soon as possible."

Fateful day

(Horror Cell Game Stage 4)

Bloomers "It looks like a big gate opened... Let's go quickly!"
Bloomers "What a monster that is! Absolutely bad guy...!"
Bloomers "Maybe the one from the other world..."
Sel: Perfect "Hm...Is it a new challenger?"
Bloomers "Hi!"
Cell: Perfect "This is going to be a really fun event..."

-[Technology] Cell: Win a battle against a perfect body-

Cell: Perfect "No way I'm perfect.........!!!"
Bloomers "I think you won...I didn't do it!!"
Bloomers "I don't know what this is, threats and tricks!"
King of the world "I can't believe it!! That vicious victory was won!!!"
Kaio "Good job! Good job!!"
Kaio "I'm heading here, the bad feeling disappeared..."
Kaio "But I don't know when peace will be threatened again"
Kaio "Keep on going!"

A super weapon that loves nature

(Horror Cell Game Stage 3)

Bloomers: "Hmm, it was supposed to be where the gate opened..."
Bloomers "Is this a figurine? I don't make a slight movement..."
Bloomers "Researching the area again..."
Android 16 "Not a Figurine"
Bloomers: "Hi! Ugoita!? Was a human...!?"
Android No. 16 "Neither human, I was created to kill Son Goku."

-[Speed] Win the battle with Android 16-

Bloomers "How strong..."
Android No. 16 "I don't want to kill my life."
Android 16 "Don't worry, if the gate opens, you can go back to the original world by yourself."
Kaio "I don't think he was bad again this time."
Kaio "But but"
Kaio "I don't feel like a tremendous threat is coming towards us."
Kaio: "Tighten yourself up, don't you think!"

Beautiful android

(Horror Cell Game Stage 2)

Bloomers "Oh? What's going on..."
Bulma "After people pass... I thought I wasn't connected to any world today."
Bloomers "Let's chase for the time being"

-[Speed] Win the battle with Android 18-

Bloomers "What happened..."
Android No. 18 "Amazing, I'm a real human and I'm gonna do this far."
Android No. 18 "But it's a pity that you're welcomed"
Bloomers "There is a gate somewhere!"
Android No. 18 "That's the case, bai"
Kaio "Is this what the premonition was?"
Kaio "I managed to get rid of it... but it was a strong enemy."
Kaio "The number of such strong enemies will continue to increase."
Kai King: "Collect cross memories now and increase your friends!"

Humanity's last hope...?

(Horror Cell Game Stage 1)

Mr. Satan "Dahahahahahahahahhhhhh!!!"
Mr. Satan "Did the cell really run away with fear?"
Mr. Satan "Well, of course, my opponent doesn't have a chance to win this game! Gahahaha!!"
Bloomers "What is that guy... that guy came out of the gate...?"
Bloomers "...Isn't it okay to leave it?"

-[Technology] Win the battle with Mr. Satan-

Mr. Satan "Oh...it's great...!!"
Bloomers "What do you mean? What kind of guy..."
Mr. Satan "It's Adada... It's like removing your feet..."
Bulma "No, no matter how you look, you're still..."
Kaio "It seems that a strange person came out"
King of kings "It didn't look like a bad guy..."
King "Mumu!"
Kaio "I feel like something incredible is approaching..."
Kaio "I hope it's not a bad guy..."

Final form of violence

(Planetary Tremor! Super Saiyan VS Space Emperor Stage 4)

Bloomers "It's been amazing since a while ago... I don't know if the gate is open or the star itself is shaking..."
Frieza "It looks like there were still living creatures."
Bloomers "Who are you!!"
Frieza "You don't have to name yourself, you die here."

-[Technology] Frieza: Win the battle with the final form-

Freeza "So...that..."
Bloomers: "It's not done! I'm sorry!"
Bloomers "This star is okay now..."
Bloomers "Well, it's not that easy..."
Bloomers "The gate will continue to open for a while, and bad guys may come, so let's continue to work hard."
Kaio "I've done it!!!!"
Kaio "Well done... against him... with overwhelming strength"
Kaio "The sign seems to have stopped..."
Kaio "But I don't know when the gate will open again...!"
(10)Kaiou "Cross memory collection and training should continue to be continued...!"

A warrior who inherits the will

(Planetary Tremor! Super Saiyan VS Space Emperor Stage 3)

Son Gohan "Ah! Bloomers!"
Bloomers "I'm not Gohan! What's wrong with that hairstyle and clothes..."
Gohan "Bulma! Didn't you meet Piccolo?"
Bloomers "Piccolo? Now... I haven't met yet... Do you want to find them together?"

-[Technology] Win the battle with Piccolo-

Gohan "Pipiccolo-san...!!!!!"
Piccolo "I kept you waiting..."
Son Gohan "I was glad!!!"
Gohan "I was looking for you, Mr. Piccolo!"
Piccolo "Gohan... I'll hurry ahead"
Son Gohan "Bulma-san, we will return to the original world in a hurry!"
Gohan "Please do your best for Bloomers!"
Kaio "Good job... you guys!"
Kaio "Nana Nyan!?"
(10)Kaiou “This time, I’m so sorry...”
(11)Kaiou "I don't know what to do... I'll gather friends in cross memory as soon as possible...!"

Freeza army's strongest warrior

(Planetary Tremor! Super Saiyan VS Space Emperor Stage 2)

GINUE "If you can't find your way home... you have to report to Frieza-san soon..."
Bulma: "That's the one from the other side too!? But the atmosphere seems to come home by yourself... let's hide and keep doing like this."
GINUE "Who are you!!"
Bloomers “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she, us?”
GINUE "This guy is going to be a more exciting fight than ever..."

-[Speed] Win the battle with Guineau-

Guinyu "This... if this Guinyu surrendered...!?"
GINUE "Shi...I can't believe.........This...is this the true strength of yours...!!"
Guinyu "Ku...! Did the gate open somewhere..."
GINUE "Now I'm heading to Frieza..."
Bloomers "I wonder if I...? I didn't feel comfortable living..."
Kaio "Well, I've done this far, I wondered what would happen..."
King "...!!"
Kaio "I feel a new sign again...!"
Kai Ou: I'm still collecting cross memories to come to the team...! Good!

Use your supernatural powers

(Planetary Tremor! Super Saiyan VS Space Emperor Stage 1)

Gould: "Where are you!?"
Gourd "Chi Chikusho...!! Where were you hidden...!?"
Bloomers "What the hell... I used to use something like supernatural powers."
Bloomers "But among the guys I've seen so far, it doesn't look so strong... unexpectedly light..."
Gourde "I was there! Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"
Bloomers "Hiii!!!"

-[Technology] Win the battle with Gurd-

Bloomers "I don't know where to open the gate... I can't give it back..."
Bloomers "If you think... timing is good"
Bloomers "Well, let's carry it to the gate!"
Kaio "You did well"
Kaio "But there seems to be a new threat again... I can't be alert."
Kaio "Until the enemy arrives, collect cross memories here and prepare for a new target...!"
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